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#75hard days 1-3

2 panel comic showing gel Mel about to exercise, seeing a rain cloud and then demon brain trying to get good brain to give up

So, I’ve just started #75hard see and will be documenting my mental journey in comics. This first comic introduces demon and angel brain. I’m quite fond of demon brain, actually, but it does cause me trouble sometime. Here you can see it try and convince me back indoors because of the slightest of rain drops. After this little mental interlude, I actually continued my workout, outdoors, for the full 45 minutes without a single sprinkle of rain. Suck it, demon brain.

75hard – no excuses

2 panel comic showing gel Mel listening to a podcast and the brain listening to it
2 panel comic showing Gel Mel checking watch, brain trying to cheat at #75hard, hearing Andy’s podcast and changing its mind

This was one of my first experiences. Of basically trying to cheat to make things easier for myself. That stopped pretty quickly when I listened to the bit of Andy’s podcast warning you not to cheat! Yes, Andy, message received.
It was very illuminating for me, though. I honestly hadn’t noticed how often I put off things I knew would be beneficial, tried to ‘cheat’ to make things easier for myself or made excuses.

75hard – mental alertness

2 panel comic showing brain before starting 75hard (dark, gloomy, surrounded by comfort food) and brain after a few days - bright, alert

I realised last night how mentally alert I felt. It’s so weird how our minds work. I was chatting the other day to my husband about how I felt less happy, less energetic and generally worse than last year. We talked about all the things we were both doing (exercise, eating well, meditating, intermittent fasting). Somehow I came to the conclusion that it must be because we’re in a different country and I couldn’t possibly get back to being that happy unless we uprooted our lives (again) and took off into the sunset. That genuinely felt easier at the time that trying something simple like more exercise and better diet (probably because it was a daydream. Damn daydreams).

I’m so glad #75hard came along and gave me the kick up the *** I needed to start fixing my body and mind right now. See Andy Frisella’s podcast for details of the program.

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