Hi! I’m glad you’re here! You may have already met my alter ego if you’ve been reading the comics. Here she is trying to look innocent after writing a slightly offensive comic about American pastors. Oops.

Image of Gel Mel shrugging

You can also see her correcting stereotypes, clichés and annoying comments in ‘People! People’.

You know, sometimes a girl just needs an outlet when her toddler poops in his trousers and she doesn’t find it for hours (‘spy poop’). Or when the UK prime minister does something moronic. Actually that’s happening fairly frequently right now (see the guild of lert series based on Boris’ ‘be alert’ campaign).

Blue lizard is a bit of weird mix of parenting, psychology, religious satire. Well, any satire for that matter. Oh, I also did an illustrated map of the UK’s naughtiest place names. Do you like the penis I hid in the Irish Sea? So did I. Enjoy.