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Emotional manipulation – different perspectives

2 panel comic showing emotional manipulation from different perspectives - the manipulator’s perspective shows a teacher with ‘very important lesson’ on the blackboard’, the victim’s perspective shows a brain being scribbled on

Sometimes it’s hard to understand one another. This is especially true in the midst of a heated argument. This comic shows how emotional manipulation can feel to both parties. The manipulator is usually just trying to express something they consider vitally important. Often something they believe and want the other person to also believe. The other person, though, can feel like their brains are being literally overwritten.

it’s important to remember that even unintentional emotional manipulation can be extremely damaging.
I highly recommend this article from psychology today. It gives a clear breakdown of 14 signs of emotional and psychological manipulation. It’s also really important to get help if you’re in an abusive relationship. Please consider talking to a friend or therapist if you think you have a manipulative partner.

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