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Evil Microbe and the Pastor #stayhome

Comic showing evil microbe dressed as Jesus telling a pastor that churches have to remain open. He says ‘a message from a Jesus! Praise the Lord’. Then you see a church full of people and evil microbes. The final panel shows god the father and Jesus having a conversation. Jesus says ‘what are they doing’ and God replies ‘God knows’.

Just been reading the news and today it was a triple whammy:

  1. Idiot President Trump has just deemed places of worship as ‘essential
  2. One American pastor refused to follow lockdown and insisted on keeping his church open. Now, there are a few of these but this guy is different because he’s just died of coronavirus.
  3. Another American pastor is in legal trouble after refusing to abide by social distancing guidelines. One of his congregation has just died and the lawyer representing him has just been hospitalised with Covid-19.

What’s an illustrator to do except express her ire, disgust and annoyance in a satirical comic.

Image of Gel Mel shrugging

I wish it goes without saying, but apparently it still has to said – please, please, please stay home. And when you have to go out, wear a mask.
If you haven’t already seen it, I highly recommend Tomas Pueyo’s articles on medium – this one is specifically about how wearing masks helps. Stay safe.

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