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A Lert Minister – castle tour guide (Guild of Lert #3)

Image showing a Lert dressed in a shirt in front of Barnard Castle

After hearing about Dominic Cumming’s little jaunt up to Durham and visit to Barnard Castle I was dumbfounded. There was I thinking that Lerts fought evil microbes, protected hand sanitizers, modelled facemasks and generally led the fight against coronavirus. But I clearly missed an integral part of their job: organising castle tours. I’m dreadfully sorry, dear readers for this awful oversight.

As part of my apology to you for missing this most important part of their role, I’ve created a new illustration. Here I show the mighty Lert performing perhaps his most important role in the fight against Covid-19 – acting as a tour guide for castle visits. Please accept my sincerest apologies, readers, and, of course, Boris (I have failed you too). I hope this illustration makes up for my oversight.

Guild of Lert

This is the third in the Guild of Lert series. If you’re a lert yourself (or know someone else who is) then I recommend you check out the rest of the Lert series. Watch this space – Superlert and more coming soon.

A lert assassin (Guild of Lert #1)

Toilet roll hoard (Guild of Lert #2)

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