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People, people! Americans vs people

American superhero is talking about a threat to Americans. Another character scribbles out ‘American’ and writes ‘people’ instead

This series is about all things stereotype. It was born from my irritation at American characters in movies using ‘American’ or ‘Americans’ instead of people.

When I came up with the idea of having my alter-ego ‘correct’ one of these ridiculous comments I realised that this was definitely a comic series in the making.
I intend to do more of these, so if you want to see a particular obnoxious comment or phrase corrected by Gel Mel then let me know in the comments!

Comic: privileged white American whines

This one wasn’t intended, but the comment irritated me so much I just had to correct it. And it goes very well with the ‘America-centric’ theme of this post.

See Gel Mel correct gender stereotyping comments here: people, people! Gender stereotyping

And here Gel Mel corrects the clichéd statement ‘Life’s too short’ (I’ve always hated that one!)

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